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Excellence is seen

A local high-end cleaning company with a reputation for elite cleaning standards, exceptional customer service, and excellent results

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Excellence is seen.

Providing clients an experience and service that will allow them to focus on the things that actually add value to their lives.

Let’s chat and make your life more enjoyable today!

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Boutique Cleaning Service

Pristine Clean is loved by home owners, businesses, property managers, real estate agents, and Airbnb hosts since 2017.

Developing meaningful relationships with my clients and my community is what I enjoy the most. I believe firmly in the saying "Quality Over Quantity.” My Cleaning Specialists deliver quality and exceptional service to every client. 

I would love to connect with you to allow you to focus on yourself, enjoy life, make memories with your loved ones, and spend your time doing the thing you love!

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Trusted and Experienced

Pristine Clean exists to help clients enjoy day to day living and it is made up of amazing Cleaning Specialist that are determined to achieve greatness everyday.

Happiness Guaranteed

My number one goal is your happiness. If your experience with Pristine Clean is anything short of excellent please reach out. I am here for you. Happiness. Guaranteed.